Tips for Healthy New Year's Resolutions You Can Stick To

Tips for Healthy New Year's Resolutions You Can Stick To

It’s that time again…when we all start to plan our New Year’s resolutions! People all around the world begin to plan their goals for the coming year, strive to improve their health, and aspire to better their life. Studies show that after six months, only 46% of people are successful at actually achieving their resolutions.

So how can you set yourself apart? People who are internally motivated, are more likely to stick with a resolution. Create resolutions that are most important to you, and don’t worry about what other people think you should be doing. Small improvements can go a long way, and when added up, can help you achieve some powerful goals!

Start Healthy Habits

Healthy habits start one step at a time! From healthy eating, to a regular fitness routine, but don’t expect overnight results. Plan for the long haul and expect bumps along the way. Some keys to success include keeping a food journal to track your intake, start small (something small is always better than nothing), and find an accountability partner to provide encouragement along the way. A stylish workout outfit can certainly help get you motivated too!

Reduce Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on your mind, and your body. Look at ways to eliminate stress in your life. It’s amazing how many people don’t utilize their vacation hours. This is one huge way to take care of yourself. Having a close circle of friends can also help cut down on stress.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Smoking, excessive drinking, toxic relationships, and lack of sleep among others, can impede your progress. While some alcohol may have health benefits (cue the red wine), excessive drinking can cause depression, heart disease, strokes, and a whole slew of problems in the long run. Come up with a plan to tackle bad habits so you can stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

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